Rise up ! Emancipate your minds!

According to John C. Maxwell, to change the direction of any organization we must first change the leadership. Too often we concern ourselves with the fruits of problems failing to address the roots. Every Jamaican can attest to changes seen when the leadership of an organization undergoes transformation. Notably, National Commercial Bank having reported record growth in profitability since the acquisition by Michael Lee-Chin in 2002 accompanied by the change of leadership and management. Furthermore, Hardware and Lumber reported a three hundred and twenty-five percent increase in profitability with new CEO Andrea Coy at its helm in the time frame of a year. After all, there must be some truth to John Maxwell’s statement. The question posed, if we changed the leadership of our minds, how different could our lives be?
The manner in which leadership is effectuated will always determine the efficiency and potential impact within any organization or society.  Leaders are not born, they are simply made. The truth of the matter is everyone has the potential to be a great leader, some might be born with leadership qualities and others may not. Regardless of genetic disposition, without self-discipline that potential decreases. Self-discipline is important because if we cannot lead ourselves the attempts to lead others will prove futile.
Time after time we have seen Jamaican politicians attempting to lead people with false promises and hopes causing followers to demoralize their own standards at the profit of the leaders who pride themselves on instant gratification. When politicians do not meet their promises the citizens accept handouts demoralizing their own standards thus creating a culture in which people expect donations instead of working to procure what they require. Following leaders who lack integrity we voluntarily invite them to have dominion over our minds. I urge my fellow citizens raise their standards, become leaders of their minds and emulating people that can empower them.I acknowledge the Jamaica Gleaner and PSOJ for creating a platform to empower our youths through the 50 under 50 awards. Initiatives such give our youths not only hope but the burning desire to achieve the same or even greater success. Mastery of self is the most important skill in attainting any success. As a nation, learning to sow our seeds before we reap the fruit is vital. If our leaders are not setting this example, the power lies within us become our own leaders.