That Voice!


Pensive in my thought as I reflect on my life for the past three (3) months. What once started out as a journey filled with hope, faith and courage in the acquisition of my goals has now become one filled with that reluctance, fear and timidness as  I meet my other self. She who has been absent for the past six months. She has confronted me and asks me one question: How bad do you really want it? 

She shouts in my ear and  I fail the need to connect to my inner self. The one that convinces, the one  that motivates, and pushes me into a higher state of reasoning. It feels almost okay to be in this place of comfort and acceptance . Then I see her, my other self in the mirror shouting at me yelling ” You can’t make it!” ”  Your dreams are unrealistic!” and “Your discipline is a joke!” ”  You are not worthy to unleash the true purpose of this life that you were given!”

Interestingly she even begins to  shout at me through relationships.I have reached a point where I know growth has STOPPED!

I remember seeing this  some where : “Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth” 

I look in the mirror and it is as if I can hear the author speaking these words as I see my life reflecting in the mirror in front on me. I see the evidence throughout my life both in my intrapersonal, interpersonal and my intimate relationship(s). It is almost as if there is a struggle between what I believe is true for myself and what my present reality is.

I pause. I listen. The more I think the more  I begin to realise that my other self is actually my blessing . It will never fails to remind me of where I am! The truth is  the very first day I set out making goals on this journey there was dissonance created to take me from where I am/was to where I needed to be.

I realise I still and will ALWAYS have the power of CHOICE. The choice to choose to listen to the voice that  supports me and my goals. The choice to choose what I believe about myself.  The choice to change my mirror image. The choice to increase my level of esteem . The choice to submit myself to the element of CHANGE.

I CHOOSE to continue on my journey ,living by choice and not chance. Making changes not excuses. Choosing self- esteem and not self-pity!

This meeting has taught me a valuable lesson.

NEVER and I mean NEVER forget your goals because you will give permission to your other self to begin speaking loudly.

Find a way to see your goals as many times per day as possible. Place it on flashcards!Place them on your bathroom mirror! Place them on your ceiling above your bed even as your screensaver on your phone. NEVER loose sight of them.

NO excuse is ever good enough from keeping you from achieving your goals.

Don’t allow the noise of your other self to drown out your inner voice. It somehow knows already what you truly want to achieve.

The choices we make in life determine the mirror image that we create for ourselves. Make choices that reflect the change you want to see for yourself .

As I continue on my journey, I will write and share my lessons as I make my way through this incredibly intense life. Blessings , light and love.Emotion

Kimberly ❤